aboutOur blog is dedicated to books and the knowledge that comes from those books! There is little that is off limits on our site when it comes to the written word and all that can be learned from them. Our goal is to hopefully enlighten some of those readers out there and bring a greater appreciation for what can be found between the covers of a good book.

Some of our favorite topics are those that teach us. Whether we are reviewing some of our favorite health books (and no we’re not talking about just cookbooks, although those are fun), or pointing to some of the best motivational books on the market, we hope that you gain some motivation to go learn something new.

Technology is also another favored topic. Technology is ever changing and it is here to stay. It has even changed the way people read and enjoy books. Thanks to e-readers, personal computers, and tablets more people are able to access books than ever before. We love covering this important topic, because it affects us all every day.

We also enjoy talking travel. Who doesn’t love going to explore a new place? That’s what we hope to bring to you. Not only are we talking travel books but, hopefully, we will give you some great information to inspire you to go find out more information on your favorite areas.

This blog is dedicated to bringing everything bookish to you. Take the time and check out our vast variety of topics. Our wish is that by the time you leave our blog, although we hope you come back often, you will have learned a little more about your favorite subject. We want this to be a blog that is full of insight and useful information to you, our visitor and reader!

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