Books that kindle the adventurer in you

Books that kindle the adventurer in youWhile it is natural for an adventure-loving person to pack up and move at the slightest opportunity, reading books on adventure helps you gain the right perspective and wisdom from the stories. These boost your spirit and you’ll find that they help you enjoy the adventure more deeply. Here is a list of books that provide you a deep reflection and strong provocation to get out of your sedentary life and add wings to your imagination.

Old Glory by Jonathan Raban

This book is about the author’s travel down Mississippi river. His narrative is interesting and his view of the country and the river is intriguing. The place where he says the river is too big to pose for its portrait is very good indeed.

A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

This is one of the most humorous books on long distance hiking. Bryson and Stephen Katz, his pal, take on the great Appalachian Trail in this comic and fascinating narrative. I bet Stephen would have had much better luck on the trail, if he had the right tools such as the tactical knives at hand. I always have my hunting gear ready, while I’m on my hunting trips, and when I go hiking in the wild trails too.

The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger

This story is of an adventure that the players did not seek by themselves but landed by accident, literally. The story is about how a group of Massachusetts fishermen face one of the most horrendous northeastern storm to hit in the year 1991. The unfolding events, which flit from understanding complex meteorology to the angry brothers, and wives who seek justice keep the reader engrossed in the book. What I like most about the book is that Junger had taken up a self-pitying tale and spun it into an exciting thriller.

Alive by Piers Paul Read

This is another adventure story that a rugby team experiences, when their plane crashes in the Andes. The story of their survival borders on the cannibalistic level. From consuming raw meat to the avalanche that buries the survivors, the book has a highly engrossing tale to tell. Reading the book you’d be glad that your adventure trip is well planned and you have no nasty surprises awaiting you. I for one have my nice hunting boots I purchased at on whenever I venture on my trips. Being prepared helps you survive the most common pitfalls you get, while you are out in the wild.

Running the Amazon by Joe Kane

This is about the story of Kane who is the only American in a team of 11 trying to descend Amazon for the first time. The travails the team faces along the whitewater makes for interesting reading. Of the 11, only four make it. The poignant scenes of river life and interpersonal struggle in the book keep the narration lively, even if this book is among many other similar tales of first descent.

The Mountains of My Life by Walter Bonatti

This is a notable memoir on mountaineering as Bonatti is a graceful writer and one who has meaty things to reveal about the topic- ascending the Alps. His poetic narrative is a joy to read

Books that kindle the adventurer in you