5 Books that Can Help Keep You and Your Loved Ones Safe

first-aid-850486_1280Accidents and disasters may happen no matter how cautious we are. They can happen to any of your loved one so it is best to know at least basic of first aid and survival skills. Here we share with you some good reads on first aid, medical emergencies and other self-preservation topics.

  1. ACEP First Aid Manual, 5th Edition (DK First Aid Manual)

A potentially life-saving reference that you can keep in your house or in the car, the ACEP First Aid Manual provides step-by-step photographic guide on what to do in the event of an accident or injury. It covers 100 different first aid and medical emergency situations that range from sprains and strains to loss of consciousness to heart attack.

Each condition is explained carefully: the cause, signs and symptoms, and initial actions. You can also find practical advice on how to ensure a safe home, car and workplace. For example, you can find a section on how to choose convertible car seats; but for a more in-depth discussion on how to choose convertible car seats, you can visit sites like thewisemom.com.

  1. Living Ready Pocket Manual – First Aid: Fundamentals for Survival

During an emergency, every second counts. This book provides step-by-step action plan that you can do to effectively stabilize the situation. It covers a wide range of first aid and emergency situations such as skin wounds, allergies, burns, hypothermia, dehydration, heatstroke, frostbite, fractures and more. This pocket manual also contains sections about how to pack survival first aid supplies and kits. Being pocket-sized, you can take this manual along with you when you go hiking, camping or in your car. Emergencies and disasters can happen anytime, but you can always prepare. Knowledge is still the best to ensure survival.

  1. Responding to Emergency: American Red Cross

If you have already completed first aid training course or if you’re in the healthcare field, you might find this book very helpful. It’s revised 2012 edition contains the latest in emergency first aid and cardiovascular care. It tackles advanced medical emergencies and is often used as reference for first aid courses.

  1. The Survival Medicine Handbook: A Guide for When Help is Not on the Way

jetski-655554_1280What if an emergency happens and you can’t call 911? This book prepares you for such an eventuality. Unlike standard first aid books, this survival handbook assumes that there is no help available in case of a disaster. It enables anyone, even without medical training, to handle illness or injuries. It equips you with tools and skill set needed in circumstances where medical help is unavailable. The survival book is written in a friendly English language so anyone can understand it.

  1. The American Red Cross First Aid and Safety Handbook Paperback

This rather outdated (originally printed in 1992) self-preservation handbook covers the course materials used by the American Red Cross. It provides useful information at how to treat different first aid emergencies. The book contains a wealth of information that you can apply in first aid situations. Some sections tackle how to stay safe: at home, at school, in the workplace, or in your car.

Best books on fitness, food and healthcare

Best books on fitness, food and healthcareIf you are a fitness enthusiast and strive to sweat at the gym regularly, then you have come to the right place! Here, we are basically going to talk about a few books that will enlighten you on the topics of fitness and healthcare. From beginners to pro, this will give you the complete guide of all the essential must-reads out there!

Have a look, get the books and read them to know more!

Foodist: How often have you heard that you should cut out on food and stick to the minimum to lose weight? This is a rather repelling idea, isn’t it? Well, this book gives you a more level headed scientific approach to weight loss and food. This will help you make your diet a habit instead of just a weight loss tool.

Off Course: As you can understand from the title, this is going to be an exciting read! This is one of those witty fitness guides where you get everything from sports to gym techniques. It depicts the whole idea through a story which will keep the readers engaged. For athletes and adventure lovers, this book is an absolute must!

The 21-Day Yoga Body: Yoga is one of the most well thought out approaches towards fitness and this book completely justifies this statement. The author Sadie Nardini takes you through a period of 21 days of yoga practice, in which you will learn new methods and techniques. Through the entire 21 days, you will have a compassionate, supporting, witty and smart guide helping you though this book.

Faster, Higher, Stronger: This is another very interesting read for all the enthusiasts. The author here takes a new look at the concept of fitness. He compares data, brings to you the life and practices of the successful athletes and brings up some rather weird yet pertinent questions about fitness. This book contains everything your mind could want to know about related to the subject. If you are looking to explore gym options at home, http://garagegymlife.com might help you here!

Make Your Own Rules Diet: Diet is the most controversial aspect when you are looking to lose weight of tone your body. This book comes with some of the most basic ideas related to fitness. You don’t have to try anything really difficult or new. Just follow the old rules and get your job done. This book combines the concepts of yoga, meditation and diet to give you the perfect figure!

Body by Simone: Simone is rather popular across the globe for her training and fitness ideas. This book is testament to this fact. Here she brings to you ideas of workouts encompassing all levels, mainly focusing on cardio and strength training. It is all about loving your body and trying to give it all the care you can!

Each of these books acts as a guide for the highest level of fitness for you. Try these and we assure you that you will be in the best of shape!

Must Read Books On Skin Care

Must Read Books On Skin CareWhenever you are eager to know about a specific subject, books are the obvious answer as they enlighten you in a very charming way. For book enthusiasts, there is nothing more pleasurable than becoming engrossed in a book of their choice. Reading books is in fact the best way to pass your free time.

Books give you plenty of information, insight, and ideas without expecting anything in return. A good book transports you to an entirely different plane giving you an experience to cherish. Even if it is about some informative nature, a book can still be interesting enough, to make you read it until the end at a go. Here are some best books on skin care, you are certain to find informative and from which you can learn directly from the experts.

Simple Skincare, Beautiful Skin

Authored by Ahmed Abdullah, this book covers all the fundamental skin care needs. The skin care tips for keeping skin young and healthy are quite good and makes the reader interested enough to try them immediately. There have been several new advanced techniques introduced in skin care, which are equally effective such as the non-invasive microdermabrasion technique. This method and several others have brought about quite a big revolution equal to the popularity of natural skin care products.

Skin Care: Beyond the Basics

If you want to know, something advanced and more up to date about skin care, this book by Mark Lees is the right one to buy. This book has been written especially for dermatology students so the language is more of a guide type. To know what has been introduced of late in skin care and the new research results this is the right book.

Anti-Aging and Skincare Made Easy

As people enter middle age, they become more conscious about their appearance. Looking up new ways to get rid of the wrinkles is what most women at this stage resort to. This book by Wings of Success is great for those who want to keep those wrinkles at bay.

The book gives a general outline on basic skin care tips and the reason as to why some ingredients are just right for keeping your skin looking radiant and young. In recent years advanced skin care devices – such as the Kendall Diamond – help to keep your skin looking glowing and vibrant. Having more than one solution to skin care helps always, as the effect of treatment is dependent more on the skin type.

Natural Homemade Skincare Recipes

Written by Mia Gordon, this book is a treasure trove of easy to make and effective skin care recipes you can try out at home. With the hype surrounding natural or organic skin care products ever on the rise this book is one important addition you need to have, if you are serious about skin care. The easy recipes cover all skin care needs and gives advice on where to buy the best products, application and various benefits you get by the ingredients used.

The New Science of Perfect Skin

Authored by Daniel Yarosh, this book gives you tips on achieving a perfect and lovely skin. The information provided is easy to grasp and the myths on skin care are interesting to read.

Fitness books that give a new weight loss perspective

Fitness books that give a new weight loss perspectiveWhile Kindle readers, tablets, netbooks and notebooks have advanced features that make reading a wonderful experience, they cannot give you the satisfaction and joy of reading a paperback. Whatever a book deals with, whether it is an inspiring tale of an underdog or the latest weight loss secret or a delicious and lip smacking recipe-filled cookbook, you will find that it grabs attention and gives all those gadgets a run for their money.

So in line with this thought, we have compiled a few fitness books you are sure to find informative and interesting to read. When you find yourself with plenty of time on your hands waiting for your doctor’s consult or the next flight at the airport, here are some books that would chase away the boredom and give inspiration and a pure fun read.

The Fit Bottomed Girl’s Anti-Diet

This is the latest in the line of books that guide you into eating healthy foods and getting fit minus the negativity, which engulfs the diets that top the charts now. The authors – Erin Whitehead and Jennipher Walters give a new insight into getting fit with their healthy living mantra.

If you hate the sight of the salads and gyms then this book is for you. It gives you the freedom to nibble (not binge!) on your favorite foods and even connect to your inner mind to get an all-round benefit. Although the name may sound like this is an all-female book, it’s concepts are universal and suit men too.

The Body Book

Although many are skeptical about fitness and health related books, being backed by celebrities fortunately this book is an exception to the rule. Cameron Diaz gives a well-organized and ultimate maintenance guide for fitness, which is sure to help your fitness goals. The book doesn’t deal with any particular diet or exercise but gives plenty of information on the physical wellbeing. I generally complement my fitness exercises and diet with regular grappling dummy wrestling sessions. I also read books like this one by Diaz, which spells out the facts behind the fitness and diet choices we make.

The Big Fat Surprise

Written by Nina Teicholz, this book has spurred on a nutritional debate nationally with its take on fat products such as eggs, dairy and meat. The author has done deep research on the nutrition science history in America uncovering newer and revolutionary concepts with ease and precision.

The book reveals the surprising and unfortunate turn of events, which have led to sugar, carbohydrates and vegetable oils taking over the void left by shunning saturated fats. The author terms this as, ‘The snackwell’s-ification’ of American food. While you may have been impressed upon for years about the bad impact of animal fats reading this book will surely help you get a clear perspective on the nutritive value of animal fats.


This book is a safe harbor for those who are looking to lose weight in a rational way. The book focuses on ‘health style’ coined by its author Darya Rose. This term refers to the various actions and behaviors that are related to the exercises, food and other treatments your body is exposed to. The book focuses on the cumulative effect of your habits and with its forgiving and flexible approach guides you into getting a lasting change in a positive way.

Top books on beauty care

Top books on beauty careI had attended a party recently with a few of my friends. The host had recently started a beauty salon. He had been training for the business for quite some time and had just finished his nail technician course, as it was the latest craze in beauty business.

While we were talking about the trends in beauty and how technology had changed the beauty industry, our host said that there were moments when he would get stuck in a beauty rut and he would not know how to proceed from there on. I said to him that just like there are books about techniques and tips in various other fields there are books on beauty that help you gain knowledge and improve your technique.

Whether you are just starting out on your beauty business, or are a pro at it, you need the guidance to be updated, and learn about new things. Here are some of the best books on beauty that will help you get a handle on your job and do it better.

  1. Bobby Brown Makeup Manual

Bobby Brown is well known for her makeup line and is simply amazing with her beauty care. This book from her will help you find some very useful and handy hints, so you get the right grasp of beauty care.

  1. The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secret

We all look up to celebrities and try to emulate them and this is more so when it comes to beauty and fashion. For those who like to follow in the footsteps of their favorite celebs and catch up on the latest in makeup and beauty tips, this book is the right choice. It has all you want to know about your top favorite stars in Hollywood.

  1. Seventeen 500 Beauty Tips

This book is filled with a huge treasure trove of beauty tips and advice that you’ll find tremendously useful. This is not only for those who own beauty salons, but for individuals who want new methods and tips on makeup and other beauty care tips.

  1. The Makeup Artist Handbook Second Edition

This book is entirely about all the different makeup techniques present. You can become an expert overnight with the book to guide you on the intricacies involved in makeup

  1. Lauren Conrad Beauty

This book from Lauren Conrad, the reality TV celebrity, has some really good advice on beauty that you should not miss out on. She has certainly amassed quite a bit of knowledge from her stint at Laguna Beach.

  1. Cosmo’s Sexiest Beauty Secrets

This book is a refreshing change from the usual Cosmo tips that dwell mostly on flirty tips. You get to read some incredible tips on how to look beautiful and gorgeous!

  1. Making Faces

This book is full of artfully crafted watercolor sketches that number over 60. You get a complete and comprehensive guide on creating different looks.

  1. Makeover Beauty Bible: Expert Secrets for Stunning Transformations

This bible on beauty has some inspiring photos of before and after makeup that will have you awestruck!

More Must Read Books for Fitness and Health

More Must Read Books for Fitness and HealthParticipating in physical activity regularly improves our weight, tones our muscles and boosts our present and future health levels. Fitness and healthy diet guide us towards an optimal level of wellbeing. When we improve our lifestyle, health gets a new lease of life, and the sickness, and disease we are exposed to reduce markedly. Being healthy and fit is a dynamic state, which we need to strive to maintain.

Here are some important books on fitness and health, which give you guidance on the right fitness, and health related choices you need to make. While some of them deal with particular physical sporting activity like boxing and its benefits, others stress on the importance of training, diet and keeping weight under control.

  1. ACSM’s Complete Guide to Fitness & Health

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) is one of the most reputed fitness organizations and a book from them is certain to enlighten you on the right way to health and fitness. This book gives a great compilation of works done by leading researchers.

  1. Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance – McGill

Most of us suffer from pain in the lower back region. Improper posture and in sufficient diet and physical activity are some of the reasons for pain in the back. This book gives an anatomical description of spine and its related parts and on the best training methods to gain good fitness and better performance while training.

  1. Strength and Conditioning

This book is about the basic structure of muscles and motor units and explains about genetic and biomechanical concepts in strength and conditioning of muscles and their practical applications. While all the information may seem mindboggling, the details are some of the best in depth information you can ever get on exercise and its effects on your body.

  1. Principles and Practice of Resistance Training

This is focused on resistance training and all aspects of fitness related to it. The textbook takes on bodybuilding with vigor and goes to the extent of naming it as competitive sport.

  1. Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Techniques

Mixed martial arts help in training you with the important lifesaving fighting skills. The book has a complete manual for modern fighters complete with protective gear to be used while fighting. The book gives a detailed explanation of all the vital MMA fighting methods and the situations where they can be used effectively.

  1. Better Each Day: 365 Expert Tips for a Healthier, Happier You

This book gives tips on a healthy diet given by experts in the field including fitness professionals, nutritionist, top doctors and psychologists. The book is for smart and busy people in search of wellness tips.

  1. The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain

This book on Paleo diet gives all information you need on the popular Paleo method. The book stresses on decreasing the daily starchy carbohydrate intake and increasing the lean protein, nutrient rich vegetables, whole fruits and healthy fat consumption. This promotes weight loss and better health and fitness.