Interesting uses of LED Lighting

Interesting uses of LED LightingThe amazing changes technology brings to our lives are beyond compare. Take for instance the evolution of lighting systems. The LEDs, which were earlier used only in laser pointers, have now become a commonly used lighting feature in various aspects of our life. From LED TVs and headlights to wallpaper and even clothing, the LEDs have pervaded our space albeit in a positive light.

When compared to incandescent bulbs, LEDs are very compact and don’t radiate heat. More important is the fact that they consume less energy. Other advantages include a flexible and plastic design, which enables these lights to be used in various innovative methods, which is not possible with other lighting types. Here are some of the most exciting, bizarre and funny uses of LEDs.

Virtual Sky

LED lights save energy eight times more than the conventional incandescent bulbs we use. Moreover, research indicates that LED is also instrumental in making us productive and happier. This was tested by replacing the ceiling panels in working place with LED modules that mimic sky. Workers feel as if they are out in the open. The LEDs being less harsh than the fluorescent bulbs their positive effect is certainly believable.  As working in natural light has been found to increase productivity by over 15 percent, the LEDs help in better work atmosphere and more productivity.

LED in car sunroof

It is natural for your car to get steamy and hot, when you leave it out in direct sunlight. But the sunlight can be turned to your advantage. The new LED powered by solar rays fitted to the sunroof of your car will illuminate the car interior. You also find LED light bars such as at which you can use to increase visibility, while driving at night. Even break lights and turn signals are made of LEDs.

Contact lens

A stunning new invention by Finland’s Aalto University uses bionic type of contact lens that aims at changing our view of reality. The bionic lens transmits visual information to a sapphire transparent chip fitted with LED. This helps the person wearing it to view their computer screen directly without any other additions needed. With just your contacts and eyes you can check you mail, browse etc.

Light strips

Interesting uses of LED LightingThe LEDs are available in strips, which can be taped inside your car. These LEDs are elegant and handy available in a wide range of colors. The lights are versatile and light in weight. The roll of LED lights can be cut for use in projects. So instead of hiring a lighting contractor or specialist you can do the job cheaper and easier. The LED light bars such as the EYOURLIFE LED BARS are used by motorists for better lighting while riding. The LED strips are also waterproof.

Wall panels

With the new luminous LED wall panels, you can easily do away with the annoying chore of painting your walls regularly. The LED panels from Philips can configure in different color combinations so you can change the color of your walls easily.

Great Expectations Review

Great Expectations ReviewReading is a wonderful way for one to pass the time and it is a worldwide hobby by millions of people all over the globe. One of the main advantages that reading as a hobby has is the wide variety of genres that are available for one to choose from. The need for a wide variety of books serves the public well as one is able to choose from the various alternatives that are available. The wide variety of genres however has led to a number of issues as more and more types of books have been introduced to the market.

The main issue includes the forgetting of older classics that have been slowly pushed to the side as people maintain interest in more modern genres that have been introduced over the years. One famous author that has been forgotten over the time happens to be Charles Dickens whose works gained popularity in the 1800s. This author can be considered to be one of the greatest authors of all times with a number of his works being included in the school syllabus as part of the literature courses that are available.

Instead of getting on a fishing kayak from KAYAKOUCH or going for a hike, one can choose to lie back with a good book in the comfort of their house. One such good book happens to be called Great Expectations by the aforementioned Charles Dickens. This is a wonderful story about the life of an individual named Pip who due to a number of circumstances that take place earlier in his life, finds himself the recipient of good fortune with regard to an increased potential in his future.

This story is set in the 1800s as a result of the fact that this is when it was written and thus adds an interesting aspect to the fact that there is a more original flow to the setting as it was written by someone who actually experienced these times. Most individuals who would attempt to write such a story now would need to do a great deal of research in order to get the facts right. However, in the case of this book, Charles Dickens delves into the views and lifestyles that was experienced in England including the type of language that was used in this period of time.

In one occasion, Pip is able to purchase a kayak (see more about kayaks here) upon moving to London which he uses to sail the great river Thames during his free time. This is one hobby that was looked upon as one that was practiced by individuals with good fortune and financial stability but in reality, Charles Dickens uses this scenario to portray the lengths to which Pip strove to fit in to the modern society. The supporting characters in the book are also quite vibrant and ensures that there is hardly a dull moment in the book. The language that is used may be challenging due to its originality (and the fact that nobody talks like that anymore) but it is not impossible to understand and as one delves deeper in to the book, the easier they understand the phrases that are used such as “portable property”.

The Wheel Of Time Review

The Wheel Of Time ReviewBooks have always been a fascinating form of entertainment and it has been a favorite pastime of many since their inception to sit back with their favorite author on a quiet night or slow afternoon as they aim to while the time away. It should be noted that books have been one of the first entertainment (as well as educational) inventions that have been in place since the beginning of time and thus it popularity cannot be denied. Books have served as a means of passing the time and as such have been seen as a means of getting away from the world. There are different genres that one can choose from and its variety has always held an impressive version. One the various types of books that have come into existence over the past years have included volumes. Volumes can be described as a collection of books containing the same or similar story. The collection can be based on one particular set of characters that are taking part in one continuous story or can consist of different characters with one combining element that allows the story to flow smoothly from book to book.

One of the more popular books that fall under this category of volumes happens to be one known as The Wheel of Time and written by an author known as Robert Jordan. The Wheel of Time is a fictional tale that compromises of a number of spectacular creatures and worlds as well as the usual human characters that have taken place. The book is made up of 9 books that takes the reader through the story of a number of main characters who are all tied to the lead character known as Rand Al Thor. The Wheel of Time is a wonderful book to enjoy after making your favorite meal in a nice food smoker before settling down for the afternoon or the night. Each book is extensively written and takes the time to divulge all needed information that a reader may want.

The first book introduces the main characters of the story and serves as the commencement of the adventure of these characters. Though Rand al Thor as mentioned earlier is the main character of this story, it should be noted that the other characters do more than just play a supporting role in the story. The characters each have their own mini-tales within the series and this serves to make the overall tale even more interesting. The story begins in a small village known as the Two Rivers which is where the main heroes of the book come from. It should be noted that the world in which these characters live in is a fictional one and hardly bares a resemblance to that of the real world. There are monsters and other magical creatures which enhances the interest of the reader at the turn of every page.

The book delves into this fictional world and the trials and tribulations that are undertaken by the characters in a bid to save it from an oncoming evil that is described as one of the worst dangers that the world has ever faced. This is a wonderful book to sit down with on a slow afternoon after preparations on a BBQ smoker like those at this page have been made and one is planning on spending a quiet but enjoyable time in the house.

LED Light Reviews

LED Light ReviewsLED lighting seems to be the wave of the future – or the present if you consider how widespread the technology is even today. The standard Light-Emitting Diode, or LED, consists of a diode which produces light when activates by sufficient voltage. This causes dormant electrons in the electron hole to reform and produce light, where the color of the light is dependent on the semiconductor’s band gap. There’s plenty of technical information to read on the topic, but here you’ll be able to find reviews for several different LED light systems, including one designed for growing plants.

The Cree 9.5 watt bulb actually shows us how far LED technology has come since the late 1960s when it was first introduced to the public. This bulb, which uses only a fraction of the energy demanded by incandescent light bulbs, also produces nearly 800 lumens worth of light. Compared to a 60 watt incandescent bulb which produces only 540 lumens, a value which will decrease steadily as the filament gets closer to burning through, it’s clear which is the more energy efficient option. The only thing about the Cree 9.5 watt bulb is its cost – about $9.97 per bulb.

Considering the fact you can run that bulb for a year at a cost of about $1.14, many LED bulbs will pay for themselves over the life of the bulb. The new 3W Extreme LED system from Diamond Series LEDs comes in a wide variety of power levels, from 100w total all the way up to 800w. The 100w units can actually be daisy-chained together to create a single lighting element with an ever increasing amount of power behind it. They are excellent growing lights for indoor or outdoor use, but they do come with a hefty price tag. You might want to check here if you’re looking for cheaper LED grow lights.

LED Light ReviewsThe G7 Power Incline bulb looks pretty good from a consumer’s point of view. It comes with an amazing 10 year warranty which guards against all defects in manufacturing, which is admittedly a better warranty than most other bulb makers are offering. To top that off, the bulb produces omnidirectional light, which is to say it expels light in all directions when active, rather than just out of the top or in uneven points around the diameter of the bulb. This simple bulb which works indoors or outdoors and requires no additional ventilation also runs for less than $10 at most retailers.

Right now, these are three of the best LED light bulbs you can find on the market. While the second is a specialized system for growing plants and therefore far more expensive than the first or second bulb, it too represents top of the line technology with respects to its specific application. All of these bulbs are excellent when used for their intended purposes, and if you haven’t already, replacing any old and costly incandescent bulbs around your home with newer LED varieties is pretty much guaranteed to lower your monthly electricity bill. The initial cost can be scary for people used to getting bulbs for $2 though.