How to Ruin a Nice Walk!

How to Ruin a Nice Walk!If there’s one thing I am passionate about, it’s golf. Why is that? Because I am unable to master the game. When I was younger, I was a very, very good footballer. As a junior I represented my province in table tennis. I played A grade squash. I played basketball and coached women’s, men’s and junior teams. I play a mean game of tennis. I can hold my own at volleyball. I was a champion lawn bowler and I played cricket for many years, well into my 40’s. Whatever sport I have taken up I have excelled at. But golf? A most frustrating game and one in which I learnt a lot of swear words.

The playing of golf has some natural elements. You’ve heard the expression about a person being a natural sportsman. This holds true for golf as well and if you have good eye and hand coordination, then hitting the ball sweetly comes easy. But hitting the ball into the exact spot to take advantage of the layout of a particular fairway and then reading the green to putt the ball into a small hole is another level of the game.

When I started out playing the game, I bought a cheap set of clubs from a friend, bought a few balls, tees, gloves and joined a local social golf club. I started disastrously, to the extent that not many players wanted to be put into my group because of the number of strokes I took. The first round of 18 holes cost me 184 shots. Par was 73! I could see that this game was going to involve a lot more study and attention if I wanted to enjoy playing. And I did enjoy golf, even with such a dud round. The beautiful courses maintained to perfection, the flora and fauna in the roughs and around the putting green all made for a glorious day. It was just that the golf was ruining a good walk!

The more I played, the more I realised that the technology available in the equipment was rather mind boggling. You could buy titanium drivers, unique tees, and golf balls with scientifically developed cores that can make them spin, grip and go further. There was new material for gloves, putters that almost had sights to aim, buggies that were remote controlled, and electronic scorecards. Now a recent innovation allowed on golf courses are handheld and watch style GPS devices.

Arming myself with every possible aid that I thought would help my game, I did improve…sometimes. Golf is such a game that one day you can hit an 80 for the 18 holes then the next time, playing the same course, you come home with an 111! I only took advice from players that had a lower handicap than me. I made the big mistake of not taking some basic lessons and practising simple strokes like putting and chipping. There’s a saying that ‘You drive for show and putt for dough”. Very true. Sadly, due to travel commitments, I have been away from golf for over 5 years. That means a virtual restart of everything learnt so far. Fore!

Best books on fitness, food and healthcare

Best books on fitness, food and healthcareIf you are a fitness enthusiast and strive to sweat at the gym regularly, then you have come to the right place! Here, we are basically going to talk about a few books that will enlighten you on the topics of fitness and healthcare. From beginners to pro, this will give you the complete guide of all the essential must-reads out there!

Have a look, get the books and read them to know more!

Foodist: How often have you heard that you should cut out on food and stick to the minimum to lose weight? This is a rather repelling idea, isn’t it? Well, this book gives you a more level headed scientific approach to weight loss and food. This will help you make your diet a habit instead of just a weight loss tool.

Off Course: As you can understand from the title, this is going to be an exciting read! This is one of those witty fitness guides where you get everything from sports to gym techniques. It depicts the whole idea through a story which will keep the readers engaged. For athletes and adventure lovers, this book is an absolute must!

The 21-Day Yoga Body: Yoga is one of the most well thought out approaches towards fitness and this book completely justifies this statement. The author Sadie Nardini takes you through a period of 21 days of yoga practice, in which you will learn new methods and techniques. Through the entire 21 days, you will have a compassionate, supporting, witty and smart guide helping you though this book.

Faster, Higher, Stronger: This is another very interesting read for all the enthusiasts. The author here takes a new look at the concept of fitness. He compares data, brings to you the life and practices of the successful athletes and brings up some rather weird yet pertinent questions about fitness. This book contains everything your mind could want to know about related to the subject. If you are looking to explore gym options at home, might help you here!

Make Your Own Rules Diet: Diet is the most controversial aspect when you are looking to lose weight of tone your body. This book comes with some of the most basic ideas related to fitness. You don’t have to try anything really difficult or new. Just follow the old rules and get your job done. This book combines the concepts of yoga, meditation and diet to give you the perfect figure!

Body by Simone: Simone is rather popular across the globe for her training and fitness ideas. This book is testament to this fact. Here she brings to you ideas of workouts encompassing all levels, mainly focusing on cardio and strength training. It is all about loving your body and trying to give it all the care you can!

Each of these books acts as a guide for the highest level of fitness for you. Try these and we assure you that you will be in the best of shape!

The best Brazilian Jitsu books to read

The best Brazilian Jitsu books to readJitsu is a type of martial art form. Why is this famous? The answer mainly lies in the concept that in this form of art, you are expected a fight an armed opponent while you yourself are hardly armed! The key word here is technique. You use your skills and techniques instead of power and arms. That is what has made this activity a popular one across the globe.

In this article, we are going to focus on a few books that best depict the concept and ideologies of Jitsu. If you are a pro at this, you will enjoy these books and if you are an amateur, you will have a lot to learn from here! Let us then take a look at some of the best books!

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu: The Master Text: This is one of the well-explained books of this form of martial arts. It comes with essential information and over 1200 illustrations to give you the best idea about this activity. The classic photographs will never fail to please you!

The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Globetrotter: This book describes a true story. It talks about the 140 day long trip, as the title suggests. The trip’s main objective is to master Brazilian jitsu and in that process, an entire story, inspiring in character, was shaped out.

Drill To Win: 12 Months to Better Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: If you take interest in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you must have heard about Andre Galvao, one of the most popular figures in this sector. This book brings to you his teachings, techniques and his moves for the complete learning package. If you want to hone your skills, you could try out a Gi which is nothing but a uniform for practitioners and if that’s not enough you could visit for more insight.

Mastering the Twister: Jiu Jitsu for Mixed Martial Arts Competition: Eddie Bravo is a Brazilian superstar when it comes to the martial arts form of Jitsu, having conquered several opponents and competitions in the past. In this book, he brings to you some of the most useful information and teachings in this regard. For all enthusiasts, this is definitely an exciting read.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: The Path to the Black Belt: The Black belt is the aim in all forms of martial arts training. This book, as the name suggests, beautifully explains the journey between white belt to black belt. This comes with a step by step guide of all the useful information and tips.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: The Closed Guard: This book will gently introduce you to the tips and tricks of the activity of Brazilian Jitsu. It will tell you how to recognize and identify your opponent’s weak points, cash in on those and apply aggressive pressure the right way! The main idea is to gain control of the body of your opponent and thereafter everything can be expected to go smoothly.

With this set of books, you will learn the intricacies of the sport like never before! Read these and enjoy Jitsu!

Fitness books that give a new weight loss perspective

Fitness books that give a new weight loss perspectiveWhile Kindle readers, tablets, netbooks and notebooks have advanced features that make reading a wonderful experience, they cannot give you the satisfaction and joy of reading a paperback. Whatever a book deals with, whether it is an inspiring tale of an underdog or the latest weight loss secret or a delicious and lip smacking recipe-filled cookbook, you will find that it grabs attention and gives all those gadgets a run for their money.

So in line with this thought, we have compiled a few fitness books you are sure to find informative and interesting to read. When you find yourself with plenty of time on your hands waiting for your doctor’s consult or the next flight at the airport, here are some books that would chase away the boredom and give inspiration and a pure fun read.

The Fit Bottomed Girl’s Anti-Diet

This is the latest in the line of books that guide you into eating healthy foods and getting fit minus the negativity, which engulfs the diets that top the charts now. The authors – Erin Whitehead and Jennipher Walters give a new insight into getting fit with their healthy living mantra.

If you hate the sight of the salads and gyms then this book is for you. It gives you the freedom to nibble (not binge!) on your favorite foods and even connect to your inner mind to get an all-round benefit. Although the name may sound like this is an all-female book, it’s concepts are universal and suit men too.

The Body Book

Although many are skeptical about fitness and health related books, being backed by celebrities fortunately this book is an exception to the rule. Cameron Diaz gives a well-organized and ultimate maintenance guide for fitness, which is sure to help your fitness goals. The book doesn’t deal with any particular diet or exercise but gives plenty of information on the physical wellbeing. I generally complement my fitness exercises and diet with regular grappling dummy wrestling sessions. I also read books like this one by Diaz, which spells out the facts behind the fitness and diet choices we make.

The Big Fat Surprise

Written by Nina Teicholz, this book has spurred on a nutritional debate nationally with its take on fat products such as eggs, dairy and meat. The author has done deep research on the nutrition science history in America uncovering newer and revolutionary concepts with ease and precision.

The book reveals the surprising and unfortunate turn of events, which have led to sugar, carbohydrates and vegetable oils taking over the void left by shunning saturated fats. The author terms this as, ‘The snackwell’s-ification’ of American food. While you may have been impressed upon for years about the bad impact of animal fats reading this book will surely help you get a clear perspective on the nutritive value of animal fats.


This book is a safe harbor for those who are looking to lose weight in a rational way. The book focuses on ‘health style’ coined by its author Darya Rose. This term refers to the various actions and behaviors that are related to the exercises, food and other treatments your body is exposed to. The book focuses on the cumulative effect of your habits and with its forgiving and flexible approach guides you into getting a lasting change in a positive way.