Books to Travel With

Most of us are lucky enough to be able to take a vacation once a year. Others may only be able to take a weekend break away from home every once in a while. But we believe that most people do not make enough time to sit down and read solidly for just one hour every day. Over time, we have expounded on the reasons why people should read and in the main, the benefits of reading, no matter what genre is being covered. Today we are going to take the road less travelled in the hope that at some stage you’ll have an opportunity to get away from it all.

Pack some books for the road trip

Many Americans love road trips. Because the budget does not yet allow for it yet, there are no overseas trips are on the horizon. Those who have trucks or SUV’s usually love their vehicles and would grab any opportunity to test them on the open road. Before leaving, there is much planning and packing to be done. Firstly; where to go. Secondly; what to take with.

We’d like to suggest that no matter where you’re heading, pack a few books. And when planning your itinerary, try to schedule at least one hour of reading time each day. Seek inspiration in everything you do.  For inspiration during the journey, read a little to build a mental library for while you are driving. And should you be driving at night, make sure that your truck is equipped with a battery-powered LED light bar. Ideally, like the battery in your car, the light battery should be long-lasting. There are other accessories you’ll need for your road trip but if you visit websites such as this one, you’ll soon get a clear picture of what’s necessary and what can be left behind.

Pack in stories that will inspire you

Now that you’ve got all your travelling gear and car accessories sorted out, what sort of books should you be taking with you? Space being at a premium, there should be enough room for at least four books. Make sure that they are pliable, soft-covered publications. They are easier to pack. Your trip is all about seeking inspiration and stimulating your thoughts while driving or hiking. Books that are likely to bring out the best in you can be selected from a variety of genres.

Pick out a biography on one famous person you admire at the moment. Depending on your religious beliefs, take with you a book that could motivate you in the spiritual sense. Instead of taking out a popular fiction novel, take with you one of the great all-American classics in which the moral of the story’s tale leads you to be inspired.

Go with your gut

We could suggest dozens of titles for you, but we are going to leave that choice to you. Go with your gut, or visit your library or search well-publicized bookseller lists to gather some ideas if you don’t have a clear idea in mind yet. And then take the road less travelled, not forgetting to read in between.

Books that kindle the adventurer in you

Books that kindle the adventurer in youWhile it is natural for an adventure-loving person to pack up and move at the slightest opportunity, reading books on adventure helps you gain the right perspective and wisdom from the stories. These boost your spirit and you’ll find that they help you enjoy the adventure more deeply. Here is a list of books that provide you a deep reflection and strong provocation to get out of your sedentary life and add wings to your imagination.

Old Glory by Jonathan Raban

This book is about the author’s travel down Mississippi river. His narrative is interesting and his view of the country and the river is intriguing. The place where he says the river is too big to pose for its portrait is very good indeed.

A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

This is one of the most humorous books on long distance hiking. Bryson and Stephen Katz, his pal, take on the great Appalachian Trail in this comic and fascinating narrative. I bet Stephen would have had much better luck on the trail, if he had the right tools such as the tactical knives at hand. I always have my hunting gear ready, while I’m on my hunting trips, and when I go hiking in the wild trails too.

The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger

This story is of an adventure that the players did not seek by themselves but landed by accident, literally. The story is about how a group of Massachusetts fishermen face one of the most horrendous northeastern storm to hit in the year 1991. The unfolding events, which flit from understanding complex meteorology to the angry brothers, and wives who seek justice keep the reader engrossed in the book. What I like most about the book is that Junger had taken up a self-pitying tale and spun it into an exciting thriller.

Alive by Piers Paul Read

This is another adventure story that a rugby team experiences, when their plane crashes in the Andes. The story of their survival borders on the cannibalistic level. From consuming raw meat to the avalanche that buries the survivors, the book has a highly engrossing tale to tell. Reading the book you’d be glad that your adventure trip is well planned and you have no nasty surprises awaiting you. I for one have my nice hunting boots I purchased at on whenever I venture on my trips. Being prepared helps you survive the most common pitfalls you get, while you are out in the wild.

Running the Amazon by Joe Kane

This is about the story of Kane who is the only American in a team of 11 trying to descend Amazon for the first time. The travails the team faces along the whitewater makes for interesting reading. Of the 11, only four make it. The poignant scenes of river life and interpersonal struggle in the book keep the narration lively, even if this book is among many other similar tales of first descent.

The Mountains of My Life by Walter Bonatti

This is a notable memoir on mountaineering as Bonatti is a graceful writer and one who has meaty things to reveal about the topic- ascending the Alps. His poetic narrative is a joy to read

Books that kindle the adventurer in you

Travelling Tips and Travel Books You Should Read

Travelling Tips and Travel Books You Should ReadTravelling widens our outlook and exposes us to different kinds of cultures, food and languages. Most countries encourage international tourism as it boosts their economies largely. However, even in the most popular travel destinations, travelers run the risk of becoming victims to criminals and thieves who steal their luggage, jewelry and other valuables.

The best way to travel is through reputed travel agencies and in groups. Knowing the tradition of the place you are visiting would help in having a better travel experience. Suitable and well-stitched clothes, proper footwear and light luggage are important requisites you should take care of while travelling. Here are some top travel books that have attracted attention worldwide

On the Road by Jack Kerouac

This book creates great impact on young and old alike with its attention-grabbing tale. An avid reader may well take up to hitch hiking permanently. The book is a series on the trips of Kerouac and his pals across America in the post-World War II era.

As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning by Laurie Lee

Travelling Tips and Travel Books You Should ReadThis a great work by Laurie Lee who has also authored the work Cider with Rosie. In this book, Lee narrates his voyages in the 1930s from Cotswolds’ to Spain via London with just a violin and adventurous spirit as company. The book is poetic, whimsical and thrilling. You are hooked to the story right from the very beginning.

Coasting by Jonathan Raban

This is a story about the author who travels 4000 miles around Britain with just a compass and a ketch of 32-foot length. The book is a reflection of Raban’s life where he moves from one job to another all around the world. He says that at the first sign of trouble he shifted and moved where the tide took him.

Travels with Charley: In Search of America by John Steinbeck

This book takes you to a tour of the United States in the 1960s along with John Steinbeck and Charlie, his French poodle. The book is full of charming descriptions of the people and landscapes of the country. Alongside the cheerful scenery the bleakness revealed in the Deep South region show the extent of change the nation has undergone in the past century.

The Beach by Alex Garland

This is a backpacker’s tale, which had been adapted into a film later on. The books served as an inspiration for many to travel Far East and embrace the pleasures that travel alone can provide.

While travelling has its own benefits, there are certain preparations you need to do to make it hassle free and enjoyable. Here are some tips that will help you in your travels.

  • A hat – a knit one for winter and a brimmed hat for summer helps to keep you warm and protected from the elements.
  • Having a portable sewing machine comes in handy on long trips to mend your favorite dress or any other mending that you need importantly during the trip like a tear in your backpack, a torn sock etc.
  • First aid kit with all emergency medications like painkillers, antiseptic cream and bandages is must
  • A collapsible water bag will save you a lot on the bottled water you buy along the way

The rule of thumb while travelling is to pack as little as you can without skipping out on the necessities.