Fitness books that give a new weight loss perspective

Fitness books that give a new weight loss perspectiveWhile Kindle readers, tablets, netbooks and notebooks have advanced features that make reading a wonderful experience, they cannot give you the satisfaction and joy of reading a paperback. Whatever a book deals with, whether it is an inspiring tale of an underdog or the latest weight loss secret or a delicious and lip smacking recipe-filled cookbook, you will find that it grabs attention and gives all those gadgets a run for their money.

So in line with this thought, we have compiled a few fitness books you are sure to find informative and interesting to read. When you find yourself with plenty of time on your hands waiting for your doctor’s consult or the next flight at the airport, here are some books that would chase away the boredom and give inspiration and a pure fun read.

The Fit Bottomed Girl’s Anti-Diet

This is the latest in the line of books that guide you into eating healthy foods and getting fit minus the negativity, which engulfs the diets that top the charts now. The authors – Erin Whitehead and Jennipher Walters give a new insight into getting fit with their healthy living mantra.

If you hate the sight of the salads and gyms then this book is for you. It gives you the freedom to nibble (not binge!) on your favorite foods and even connect to your inner mind to get an all-round benefit. Although the name may sound like this is an all-female book, it’s concepts are universal and suit men too.

The Body Book

Although many are skeptical about fitness and health related books, being backed by celebrities fortunately this book is an exception to the rule. Cameron Diaz gives a well-organized and ultimate maintenance guide for fitness, which is sure to help your fitness goals. The book doesn’t deal with any particular diet or exercise but gives plenty of information on the physical wellbeing. I generally complement my fitness exercises and diet with regular grappling dummy wrestling sessions. I also read books like this one by Diaz, which spells out the facts behind the fitness and diet choices we make.

The Big Fat Surprise

Written by Nina Teicholz, this book has spurred on a nutritional debate nationally with its take on fat products such as eggs, dairy and meat. The author has done deep research on the nutrition science history in America uncovering newer and revolutionary concepts with ease and precision.

The book reveals the surprising and unfortunate turn of events, which have led to sugar, carbohydrates and vegetable oils taking over the void left by shunning saturated fats. The author terms this as, ‘The snackwell’s-ification’ of American food. While you may have been impressed upon for years about the bad impact of animal fats reading this book will surely help you get a clear perspective on the nutritive value of animal fats.


This book is a safe harbor for those who are looking to lose weight in a rational way. The book focuses on ‘health style’ coined by its author Darya Rose. This term refers to the various actions and behaviors that are related to the exercises, food and other treatments your body is exposed to. The book focuses on the cumulative effect of your habits and with its forgiving and flexible approach guides you into getting a lasting change in a positive way.