More Must Read Books for Fitness and Health

More Must Read Books for Fitness and HealthParticipating in physical activity regularly improves our weight, tones our muscles and boosts our present and future health levels. Fitness and healthy diet guide us towards an optimal level of wellbeing. When we improve our lifestyle, health gets a new lease of life, and the sickness, and disease we are exposed to reduce markedly. Being healthy and fit is a dynamic state, which we need to strive to maintain.

Here are some important books on fitness and health, which give you guidance on the right fitness, and health related choices you need to make. While some of them deal with particular physical sporting activity like boxing and its benefits, others stress on the importance of training, diet and keeping weight under control.

  1. ACSM’s Complete Guide to Fitness & Health

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) is one of the most reputed fitness organizations and a book from them is certain to enlighten you on the right way to health and fitness. This book gives a great compilation of works done by leading researchers.

  1. Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance – McGill

Most of us suffer from pain in the lower back region. Improper posture and in sufficient diet and physical activity are some of the reasons for pain in the back. This book gives an anatomical description of spine and its related parts and on the best training methods to gain good fitness and better performance while training.

  1. Strength and Conditioning

This book is about the basic structure of muscles and motor units and explains about genetic and biomechanical concepts in strength and conditioning of muscles and their practical applications. While all the information may seem mindboggling, the details are some of the best in depth information you can ever get on exercise and its effects on your body.

  1. Principles and Practice of Resistance Training

This is focused on resistance training and all aspects of fitness related to it. The textbook takes on bodybuilding with vigor and goes to the extent of naming it as competitive sport.

  1. Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Techniques

Mixed martial arts help in training you with the important lifesaving fighting skills. The book has a complete manual for modern fighters complete with protective gear to be used while fighting. The book gives a detailed explanation of all the vital MMA fighting methods and the situations where they can be used effectively.

  1. Better Each Day: 365 Expert Tips for a Healthier, Happier You

This book gives tips on a healthy diet given by experts in the field including fitness professionals, nutritionist, top doctors and psychologists. The book is for smart and busy people in search of wellness tips.

  1. The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain

This book on Paleo diet gives all information you need on the popular Paleo method. The book stresses on decreasing the daily starchy carbohydrate intake and increasing the lean protein, nutrient rich vegetables, whole fruits and healthy fat consumption. This promotes weight loss and better health and fitness.