Books about Karaoke

Books about KaraokeKaraoke is the singing of songs, the sort of thing you seem to find in bars, clubs and other spots where people drink too much. But you find it at home, at offices, at holiday parties and just about every other event where lots of people get together in one place. It’s the activity you often hear about but rarely find through written content, at least until now. Today, you’ll see several books which pertain to karaoke, each of which might make a nice read if you have a real interest in the history and culture of the concept.

Don’t Stop Believin’ is a rather popular song from rock group Journey. It’s also the name of a book by Brian Raftery, a book which covers the evolution of karaoke from what begin as a sort of cult fad to the widespread, widely enjoyed activity it is today. It’s an educational piece mixed with a sort of first-person view of different karaoke experiences in different parts of the world. You’ll hear about different bars, karaoke practices, house rules, machine reviews and more, all from the same person who lived through learning it all firsthand. The price is right too if you’re shopping on a budget.

Karaoke around the World is a title you can pick up easily through Google Play, though you may be able to find the book through other outlets as well. Like the first title listed, this book covers much of the history of karaoke, but from a broader perspective than that of one man visiting each location individually. Because it’s more of a collective effort, the tone and pace of the writing seem to shift several times between the front and back covers of this book. It still manages to avoid coming across as disjointed though, so consider it if you’re looking for more karaoke history.

If you’re more interested in reading about what’s new with karaoke, you might want to start by checking out the latest system specs of machines being manufactured today. Some come with multiple microphones for duets, built-in speakers which require no extra wires, recording features for playing back performances later and other nice extra perks. You can directly gain an appreciation for the history of the karaoke machine by looking at something like the Microky Duostar X14 and comparing it to machines from the last 10, 20, 30 years or even further back if you really want to.

Reading through informational books, manuals and other content can teach you a lot about pretty much anything, karaoke machines included. That’s one of the beautiful things about books – they are excellent stores of information and they still hold their messages today, waiting to relay them to the next reader who comes along. The only problem is, you don’t know if a particular book is a good resource until you’ve already looked through it. Unless you have somebody to give you a heads up like this, that is. If you want to learn more about karaoke, start with Don’t Stop Believin’ and Karaoke around the World.

What Your Book Says About You

What Your Book Says About YouReading is one of the oldest hobbies in the world and despite the introduction of tons of technology over the years it has remained a dear pastime for people all over the world. The medium may have developed and semi-changed to a point over time, such as the use of tablets and smart phones instead of traditional hard copies to peruse through the pages of a favorite author, but the main activity, the absolving of literature remains the same.

Whereas in the past an individual may have had to pair of high quality shoes and go to the library in order to search a particular book, most popular publications are now available online and can be retrieved at the click of a button. What an individual reads can say a lot about them as a person if one takes the time to notice and different genres of literature can be seen to display different characteristics in an individual.

Though these identified characteristics are not set in stone for everyone who may take a liking to a particular genre, they are popular in a majority of people. Some of the genres that exist in the publication world and can be used to tell a little bit about an individual’s character include:


Most lovers of fiction are passionate by nature but in some cases may not always outwardly portray it in the public actions. An individual who enjoys fiction is one who is able to exist in a word where anything is possible and the author is responsible for creating the realms of possibilities that govern the length of the story.

With this in mind it can be said that fans of this particular genre would not be natural skeptics in real life as well and have a higher level of acceptance of different situations. The type of fiction can also serve to further describe an individual as well, for example a reader with a sense of adventure tingling within them would be a fan of action based fiction while a more passionate reader might prefer a good romance novel.


Readers of non-fiction material can be considered to be the counterparts of the earlier mentioned group of readers (that is, lovers of fiction). This type of readers would much rather remained based within reality and thus focus on stories that are derived from actual inspirations. In most cases, there is an ambitious streak of some sort in such a reader as a majority of time, their reading of a particular book holds a particular objective for the reader. These objectives are usually related to the bettering of oneself.

Self-Help Books

A reader of self-help books can be considered to be a proactive individual. One who is able to stand on their feet all day to get the job done, even without professional shoes like these. A common mistake that is made by many people is mistaking the purchase of a self-help book as a lack of confidence. This can actually be contrary to the reality as the use of a self-help book requires the reader’s belief in the fact that they are actually able to help themselves if provided with the knowhow which is quite a confident stance.

Nice Hobbies to Try Out

Nice Hobbies to Try OutOne of my friends pointed out that hobbies are only for the rich. Well, with the amount of work we put in daily at both work and home it is not surprising that we have any time left for our hobbies. Moreover, the funds to spend on our hobbies are also limited.  But what I believe is that you can view life as an endless ocean of possibilities, if you look at it as an evolving exploration. When you continuously and persistently challenge yourself by learning new skills and things, you will not be faced with a single boring moment. Taking up a hobby, helps you understand your true nature and improve yourself in all spheres. Here are some nice hobbies you can consider taking up.

Grilling and cooking

Whether you are a man or woman, it is necessary to be capable of feeding yourself. This is one basic part of self-sufficiency. When you learn to prepare a meal right from scratch, you will not go hungry at any time.

Skiing and Snowboarding

These are great to keep you fit physically and to improve the spatial reasoning skills you have. You need snow, some capital, and best of all perseverance to master this bobby. If you are not much into skiing, longboarding is another way to explore the adventurer in you. You will be able to gain balance, learn to move your body via space, and be actively engaged.

Leather working

This is a skill that has been in tradition for a long time. It teaches you the skill of being patient, and the direct link between a cause and effect.  In addition to spending some time and money, you need to use your hands and brains to make this hobby work.


Golf is scorned by many as it is seen as a lazy man’s sport. But what many don’t understand is you get lots of exercise and fresh air, when you play the sport. You develop your spatial reasoning capability and understand how wind influences the ball’s direction. Good body posture and precision can be learnt with this sport.


While chess is a difficult game to master, which may sometimes take all of your life, you can however learn the basics, which teach you how to judge, plan and observe. All this is very much needed in all interpersonal relationships you develop in personal and professional life. This hobby is not expensive but reaps great benefits.

Learning a musical instrument

We all are essentially musical creatures. Learning an instrument such as piano or guitar gives immense benefits to our brain and general health.


You’d have heard your friends mention they have invested in the trade market. Just like chess, investing needs prediction, planning, and observation skills. Initially instead of investing capital, you can just observe the stocks, read reports, and become involved in the trading business. This will help you make wise decisions when you invest.


This hobby needs a range to practice and of course the appropriate gear. You can bring along your own bow, arrows and armguard for practice. The hobby teaches precision and focus, which are important for your various worldly pursuits.

Books that kindle the adventurer in you

Books that kindle the adventurer in youWhile it is natural for an adventure-loving person to pack up and move at the slightest opportunity, reading books on adventure helps you gain the right perspective and wisdom from the stories. These boost your spirit and you’ll find that they help you enjoy the adventure more deeply. Here is a list of books that provide you a deep reflection and strong provocation to get out of your sedentary life and add wings to your imagination.

Old Glory by Jonathan Raban

This book is about the author’s travel down Mississippi river. His narrative is interesting and his view of the country and the river is intriguing. The place where he says the river is too big to pose for its portrait is very good indeed.

A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

This is one of the most humorous books on long distance hiking. Bryson and Stephen Katz, his pal, take on the great Appalachian Trail in this comic and fascinating narrative. I bet Stephen would have had much better luck on the trail, if he had the right tools such as the tactical knives at hand. I always have my hunting gear ready, while I’m on my hunting trips, and when I go hiking in the wild trails too.

The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger

This story is of an adventure that the players did not seek by themselves but landed by accident, literally. The story is about how a group of Massachusetts fishermen face one of the most horrendous northeastern storm to hit in the year 1991. The unfolding events, which flit from understanding complex meteorology to the angry brothers, and wives who seek justice keep the reader engrossed in the book. What I like most about the book is that Junger had taken up a self-pitying tale and spun it into an exciting thriller.

Alive by Piers Paul Read

This is another adventure story that a rugby team experiences, when their plane crashes in the Andes. The story of their survival borders on the cannibalistic level. From consuming raw meat to the avalanche that buries the survivors, the book has a highly engrossing tale to tell. Reading the book you’d be glad that your adventure trip is well planned and you have no nasty surprises awaiting you. I for one have my nice hunting boots I purchased at on whenever I venture on my trips. Being prepared helps you survive the most common pitfalls you get, while you are out in the wild.

Running the Amazon by Joe Kane

This is about the story of Kane who is the only American in a team of 11 trying to descend Amazon for the first time. The travails the team faces along the whitewater makes for interesting reading. Of the 11, only four make it. The poignant scenes of river life and interpersonal struggle in the book keep the narration lively, even if this book is among many other similar tales of first descent.

The Mountains of My Life by Walter Bonatti

This is a notable memoir on mountaineering as Bonatti is a graceful writer and one who has meaty things to reveal about the topic- ascending the Alps. His poetic narrative is a joy to read

Books that kindle the adventurer in you

Fitness books that give a new weight loss perspective

Fitness books that give a new weight loss perspectiveWhile Kindle readers, tablets, netbooks and notebooks have advanced features that make reading a wonderful experience, they cannot give you the satisfaction and joy of reading a paperback. Whatever a book deals with, whether it is an inspiring tale of an underdog or the latest weight loss secret or a delicious and lip smacking recipe-filled cookbook, you will find that it grabs attention and gives all those gadgets a run for their money.

So in line with this thought, we have compiled a few fitness books you are sure to find informative and interesting to read. When you find yourself with plenty of time on your hands waiting for your doctor’s consult or the next flight at the airport, here are some books that would chase away the boredom and give inspiration and a pure fun read.

The Fit Bottomed Girl’s Anti-Diet

This is the latest in the line of books that guide you into eating healthy foods and getting fit minus the negativity, which engulfs the diets that top the charts now. The authors – Erin Whitehead and Jennipher Walters give a new insight into getting fit with their healthy living mantra.

If you hate the sight of the salads and gyms then this book is for you. It gives you the freedom to nibble (not binge!) on your favorite foods and even connect to your inner mind to get an all-round benefit. Although the name may sound like this is an all-female book, it’s concepts are universal and suit men too.

The Body Book

Although many are skeptical about fitness and health related books, being backed by celebrities fortunately this book is an exception to the rule. Cameron Diaz gives a well-organized and ultimate maintenance guide for fitness, which is sure to help your fitness goals. The book doesn’t deal with any particular diet or exercise but gives plenty of information on the physical wellbeing. I generally complement my fitness exercises and diet with regular grappling dummy wrestling sessions. I also read books like this one by Diaz, which spells out the facts behind the fitness and diet choices we make.

The Big Fat Surprise

Written by Nina Teicholz, this book has spurred on a nutritional debate nationally with its take on fat products such as eggs, dairy and meat. The author has done deep research on the nutrition science history in America uncovering newer and revolutionary concepts with ease and precision.

The book reveals the surprising and unfortunate turn of events, which have led to sugar, carbohydrates and vegetable oils taking over the void left by shunning saturated fats. The author terms this as, ‘The snackwell’s-ification’ of American food. While you may have been impressed upon for years about the bad impact of animal fats reading this book will surely help you get a clear perspective on the nutritive value of animal fats.


This book is a safe harbor for those who are looking to lose weight in a rational way. The book focuses on ‘health style’ coined by its author Darya Rose. This term refers to the various actions and behaviors that are related to the exercises, food and other treatments your body is exposed to. The book focuses on the cumulative effect of your habits and with its forgiving and flexible approach guides you into getting a lasting change in a positive way.

Top books on beauty care

Top books on beauty careI had attended a party recently with a few of my friends. The host had recently started a beauty salon. He had been training for the business for quite some time and had just finished his nail technician course, as it was the latest craze in beauty business.

While we were talking about the trends in beauty and how technology had changed the beauty industry, our host said that there were moments when he would get stuck in a beauty rut and he would not know how to proceed from there on. I said to him that just like there are books about techniques and tips in various other fields there are books on beauty that help you gain knowledge and improve your technique.

Whether you are just starting out on your beauty business, or are a pro at it, you need the guidance to be updated, and learn about new things. Here are some of the best books on beauty that will help you get a handle on your job and do it better.

  1. Bobby Brown Makeup Manual

Bobby Brown is well known for her makeup line and is simply amazing with her beauty care. This book from her will help you find some very useful and handy hints, so you get the right grasp of beauty care.

  1. The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secret

We all look up to celebrities and try to emulate them and this is more so when it comes to beauty and fashion. For those who like to follow in the footsteps of their favorite celebs and catch up on the latest in makeup and beauty tips, this book is the right choice. It has all you want to know about your top favorite stars in Hollywood.

  1. Seventeen 500 Beauty Tips

This book is filled with a huge treasure trove of beauty tips and advice that you’ll find tremendously useful. This is not only for those who own beauty salons, but for individuals who want new methods and tips on makeup and other beauty care tips.

  1. The Makeup Artist Handbook Second Edition

This book is entirely about all the different makeup techniques present. You can become an expert overnight with the book to guide you on the intricacies involved in makeup

  1. Lauren Conrad Beauty

This book from Lauren Conrad, the reality TV celebrity, has some really good advice on beauty that you should not miss out on. She has certainly amassed quite a bit of knowledge from her stint at Laguna Beach.

  1. Cosmo’s Sexiest Beauty Secrets

This book is a refreshing change from the usual Cosmo tips that dwell mostly on flirty tips. You get to read some incredible tips on how to look beautiful and gorgeous!

  1. Making Faces

This book is full of artfully crafted watercolor sketches that number over 60. You get a complete and comprehensive guide on creating different looks.

  1. Makeover Beauty Bible: Expert Secrets for Stunning Transformations

This bible on beauty has some inspiring photos of before and after makeup that will have you awestruck!

Tips on Improving Your Reading Skills

Tips on Improving Your Reading Skills-People these days just don’t understand what a big deal it was when Johannes Gutenberg created the first printing press and made the mass distribution of books, newspaper and other media possible. For the first time in recorded history, the common man could get access to literature – no longer were books created solely by hand, a painstaking process that meant most written works were beyond the means to afford for anyone except the gentry. We’ve had several centuries since then to pick up on the idea, but some people still struggle with reading. Here are some tips on how you can improve your own reading skills.

First and foremost, the most important thing about this is not to take offense. Literacy is somewhat of a given in the first world and when people hear their reading skills could use improvement, it’s only natural that some of them are insulted. But reading is a skill. It’s not something people are born knowing how to do and like other skills, it’s something people can get better at doing, with consistent effort. That’s the first tip, too; don’t stop reading. When you find words, phrases and other content you struggle with, you should push forward and keep going, not get disconcerted and stop. Practice makes perfect, after all.

Travel books inspire your imagination, don’t they? They tell about foreign lands, exotic places, peoples and cultures, foods and drinks you’ve never tasted before in your life and much, much more. Of course, if you don’t enjoy traveling, you probably won’t get a kick out of books devoted to the topic. For everyone else though, travel books make a nice, neutral kind of reading material. They’re fun to read, they contain interesting concepts you don’t already know and they’re easily found. These three factors together make travel books great reads, both for entertainment purposes and improving your reading comprehension.

Reading about a topic that interests you can take a lot of the boredom out of reading and give you something you’re actually excited to be looking over with your eyes – something you’re much more likely to pay closer attention to, at that. Whatever information you could glean from such a source would just be a nice secondary bonus to the practice you get in reading. You should read some health books, because why not? It’s a topic everyone should know more about and it’s something where more information can only benefit the reader, never hurt them.

Besides this though, you might want to consider reading out loud, either for an audience or alone in a quiet place. Naturally, you’ll get better practice if you read out loud for others who can hear you, since they’ll be right there to provide feedback for you as you work your way through one passage or another. This can help you learn how to pronounce some difficult words, which will in turn give you a better understanding of some words and phrases you may see in other content. Did you know pneumonia has no P sound in it at all?

To take this point further, you should read books which are progressively more difficult, rather than several easy and simple texts in succession. You may wonder why and the answer is plain: you don’t improve your skills, not any skills, by doing something so easy it’s elementary to you. You only become better at something by engaging in practice sessions which challenge your body or mind, whichever part of you that skill depends upon. Start with simple books and work your way up to the more difficult stuff, and soon you’ll be reading better than anyone else around you.

When trying to improve at anything, I personally recommend reading motivational books, to stay dedicated. These can be specifically related to the skill you want to improve, or they could just be books meant to make the reader feel good. There are numerous tales of those who struggled with literacy, only to champion the skill and eventually write books about the ordeal. These would make nice books to add to the collection of anyone who has a hard time with reading and writing. Some people will tell you motivational books and speakers are a waste of time; I am not one of those people.

Speaking of motivation, different people will learn the same materials better in different ways, sometimes. What I mean is, some of us prefer to see written examples while others would rather hear the information relayed via voice, rather than reading it on a page. Still others would rather get their hands dirty, so to speak, physically interacting with what it is they are trying to understand. Because people learn in different ways, you might consider finding some books on tape or other recorded readings to supplement your physical books. These could help you to better understand difficult concepts.

You might also want to consider taking a class or two if you can’t seem to get the results you want working on your own. Checking with any technical or trade schools in or around your town is probably the best first step. Private tutoring can also be found, though I couldn’t begin to tell you where to look for that, or if the people you find in a particular place would actually be of any help to you at all. If you need help, there’s nothing wrong with asking for it – and an impartial third party, such as a teacher, could be just what you need to figure out where you are struggling in particular.

All of these tips for improving your reading skills are tried and true, tested over time by literally millions of different people who have struggled to read and comprehend throughout history. These techniques have always worked and as far as reading goes, they will likely continue to work as we move forward as a people. Finding the best technique for you as an individual is really the toughest part. If the first method you try doesn’t do it for you, don’t stop! Keep trying, utilizing other methods, until you find the way which works best for you.

Books about Longboarding

Books about Longboarding-If you can imagine it, the odds are high someone else has already imagined it too – and put it down inside of a book on top of that. There are books for everything, from cooking to cleaning, sewing to shooting, running to reading. Yes, there are even books that teach people how to read, just some of the myriad textbooks available out there.

Today I want to talk about books on longboarding. A longboard is just like a skateboard except a little longer and not quite as wide. They’re great for long distance riding due to increased stability, but not so good for trick riding because their shape makes them more likely to break.

Matt Berger’s Handmade Skateboard is a nice read for longboard enthusiasts. It is a definitive guide covering such topics as how to build your own custom deck, whether that be standard skateboard size, longboard length or even something else, like a pinstripe cruiser. It tells about how to fix wheels, the proper screws and bolts to use and more. If you’re more of a do it yourself kind of rider who would likely prefer making your own board to buying one from a store, this book is definitely worth a read.

Books about LongboardingRodney Mullen wrote The Mutt: How to Skateboard and Not Kill Yourself. Despite the obviously humorous name, there’s very little humor between the covers of this book, which covers serious topics like rider safety, tumbling and more. Not only will this book teach you what to wear while riding and how to fall when the invariable accident comes along, but it will also be a great conversation starter with any other riders you might meet. Rodney Muller is famous in skateboarding for bringing the Ollie to the sport – that’s the kick move where the board travels through the air rather than on the ground.

Jay Boy is a book about the Z Boys, a famous group of skaters that fresh blood are still taking inspiration from today. It covers the styles and histories of some of the greatest skaters in the history of the sport, all while keeping up a nice and even pace. While this won’t teach you so much about how to interact with your longboard, it will give you a horde of information about the sport – where it’s been, where it is now and where it’s expected to go in the future. This is a nice enough book but tracking down a copy can be a painful and expensive process.

It really does amaze me sometimes what kind of information people will put into a book. That said, you’ve probably got enough knowledge to write a book of your own without realizing it. What’s one of your favorite things to do? Or, more accurately, what’s something you enjoy doing that you also know like the back of your hand? Publishing has changed a lot in the last decade and now more than ever before, independent people are creating books and sharing information with the world. You, too, can get it on this.

Best Books On Golf And Golfing Equipment

Best Books On Golf And Golfing Equipment-Golf is one of the most misunderstood games, as many consider it to be a sport for the elite. However, learning more about it can go a long way in changing this perception and getting more people on the greens. This is exactly what this article is aimed to do,  by listing some of the best publications on the game. And in case you’ve been wondering just how to swing when hitting the ball, this is also for you.

Ben Horgan’s Five Lessons

Ben Horgan remains one of the greatest swingers and golfers of all time. Who else is best placed to guide you on how to swing than the master himself. In this book, which is a must-have for all aficionados, he uses five lessons in which he emphasizes the power of a grip and how exactly to be positioned for a perfect strike.

One important thing he talks of is the swing arch, and how to maintain a continuous swing plane. Beginners would find this book especially useful in learning the basics of the game.

Play Golf to Learn Golf by Michael Hebron

Nobody learns by sitting back but by being involved in the details. This adage also applies to golf just as it would apply to a biochemistry student.

As the title alludes, Michael encourages the in-depth involvement of a golfer, an instructor and any involved party. This will include, playing the game, following the game, researching on all its intricacies (like finding most valuable golf rangefinder) and yes even having a meal over golf. The book advocates for the attachment to the game even to divine proportions.

Rules of Golf

This cannot go without mention. It is an accredited publication under the auspices of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and the United States Golf Association.

It seeks to offer guidelines on the game and even the from the amateur to the professional level. It stipulates the etiquettes and use of the golfing equipment which majorly are the golfing clubs and ball. Fairness and the use of insight are key principles that govern golf.

The Search for the Perfect Driver by Tom Wishon

This still remains one of the simplest and easy to comprehend book on everything about golfing equipment. It also employs a free flowing conversational tone that endears so well to a reader’s understanding.

It expounds on the use of the clubs, club heads, shafts, their design and performance in a very concise and well detailed manner.

12 Myths that would Wreck your Golfing Game

This is another book by Tom Wishon that highlights on the various myths that exist in the sport. It is absurd to believe that the farther your driver is, the farther your ball will roll. This book sheds light on all these misconceptions in a very engaging manner.

The next time you step on to a golf course, after reading one or more of these books, be assured that your tee will be improved. And for an even better experience, you can find a review of great rangefinders at RangefinderAdvice. Now let’s get back to the digging and practice, shall we?

Learning To Play The Piano

As a musician or simply a music enthusiast, one of the most valuable skills you can learn is how to play the piano. There are several volumes written on the topic. However, finding the best among these can be a challenge to most people. In this article, we have simplified this work for you by providing an in-depth description of some of the most effective books for learning how to play the piano. Move on to the next paragraphs to learn more.

Hal Leonard Student Piano Library Book

Hal Leonard is one of the biggest players in the publishing of music books. With several years’ experience, they are the producers of some of the best books for learning to play pianos, not only at the beginner but also at advanced stages.

There are several perks that come with using a Hal Leonard book for learning pianos. These include:

  • They provide the learner with several introductory topics such as the piano geography, sitting positions and piano fingering, thus preparing the learner enough before the actual reading.
  • The books are accompanied by CDs and music from different composers, thus providing the learner with a full range of learning options which gives them the chance to achieve great results.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Musical Theory

Learning To Play The Piano-Although you might be a bit embarrassed or by this book’s title, it is one of the most effective tools for learning piano for those who are not trained in it. Although the book is not written specifically for learning piano, there are several reasons why this book should be on the shelf of any piano learner. Some of these are:

  • The book dedicates a sizeable number of pages to explaining musical theory in simple language that is understandable even to non-experts. This goes a long way to preparing them to understand the theory specific to piano.
  • The book is easy to understand and therefore is a great utility for teaching yourself the piano. This enables one to keep learning without even the assistance of an expert.

Ultimate Beginner Series

For those who want to fast track the process of learning how to play the piano, this is the book to go for. This is because it has a number of features which makes it one of the best guides for aspiring virtuosos.

Chief among these is the fact that it includes text and DVD guides that enable you to jump right into all the aspects of the art of piano playing. With these, you will be able to learn about the chords, playing with both hands, etc. And for a review of great beginner and advanced digital pianos, you can visit this website.

Piano Adventures by Faber Music

This list could not be complete without including this book. Published by one of the most reputable music publishers in the world, it takes the learner through what has appropriately been described as an adventure around the piano.

It provides the learner with well-detailed information on all the aspects of playing the piano thus enabling them to become excellent players within a short period of time.