The must read books on music!

Music is one of the most beautiful inventions of the world and rightfully so! People have spent their entire lives to music, learning, spreading and making music. This is one thing that brings people together from different spheres of life. If you are also a music enthusiast, whether you make music or listen to it, you will come across a number of books on music that you just cannot ignore!

So, to bring you some more ideas of music books, here we present to you a list of some of the best books available! Have a look and enjoy the spirit of music:

Wonderland Avenue, by Danny Sugerman

Sugerman has been a popular figure back in the 1970s. In general, one would associate him with the Doors and Iggy Pop. He managed these bands pretty well. In this book, he writes his memoir on all his experiences with these musical bands. He begins the book with his childhood in Beverly Hills and goes on to talking about some of the musical greats! Been published in 1989, this is a very exciting read!

The must read books on music!Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground , by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Soderlind

This is yet another book that you just have to read if you are a music fan, especially if black metal is what excites you! This describes the typical situation in the 1990s, the fate of music and the people in that period. This gives you all the information about rock and roll music and metal music. It also features some of the horrible acts of the scene. A fascinating choice, this!

Kill Your Friends, by John Niven

This is a more recent book, having being published in 2008. This includes a great sense of wit. Niven beautifully uses his wit and humor to bring to you this amazing compilation, something you would love to read! It mainly focuses on the music industry and has been a hit among the readers.

John Lennon: The Life, by Philip Norman

When you talk about music, you just cannot leave out John Lennon from it. He was one of the most fascinating musical greats and is still considered to be the same. Norman, the author, had private access to the singer’s notes and tapes. With this and a lot more, he beautifully presents this book to you, describing wonderfully the Beatles that we know. If you are a Beatles fan, you will have to read this! If you like trumpets, one of the most famous musical instruments, you will like these ideas.

Stoned, by Andrew Loog Oldham

Oldham was the manager of the popular musical band called Rolling Stones and has had a close association with the members. This is an autobiographical take on the life of the band and the members, from the time they weren’t together, to the time the band were born and then the glorious years they had together! This is an absolutely must read book on music!