The Power of Knowledge of Books

In no other way can a person travel to as many cities, worlds, and countries as quickly as through the pages of a book. Books magically transport readers on adventures they would normally never encounter. While opening the mind to a plethora of possibilities, the written work can also impart knowledge to those who seek it.

Because of the limitlessness of books, a reader can be easily transported to entirely new lands just by opening the cover. The written word can describe an entirely new realm where dragons speak and pixies rule. Other stories transport can transport the reader to real places on the planet, allowing them to walk the emerald green hills of Ireland while not leaving the comfort of their favorite chair. Nothing in the world has the power to spark the imagination quite like the written word.

Through the pages of a book, readers become conscious of others around them. Books have been known to open the eyes of those who peruse the pages to the plight of the less fortunate. Through these pages readers are opened to the conditions of the characters and their lives. This, in turns, shines a light on the pain and anguish that can be felt by someone living as the personalities in the story.

While some can learn what it’s like to live in situations they can barely imagine, others gain motivation from diving into to a good story. It is true that there are many motivational and self-help books on the market. It is one of the most popular genre of books. However, motivation can also be gained through the reading of a fictional story. Seeing how the hero/ine concurs his/her demons through the story can give the reader the strength they need to face their own problems. It is all in the way that the character is portrayed that helps inspire us all.

There is power in the written word. It can make us laugh and cry. It can cause us to fall in love (with the characters). Books can make us angry and cause us to take action against an injustice we see in our everyday lives. There is power within to help us to learn and expand our horizons just by reading a story.

Some books inspire their readers to make a change in their lives, for better or worse. Many were rightfully changed by reading “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, Ayn Rand’s “Fountainhead,” or Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451.” These books make those that read them think about the world around them in a new way. The frightening depictions in these stories brought a new level of understanding about what could happen, or had happened, due to the loss of freedom in their lives.

Books have a way of bringing to light what we fear most. These books are not necessarily horror/thriller books either. Some fear the overthrow of our personal freedoms in a manner consistent with ‘Big Brother.’ Others fear being alone or abused by a loved one. These stories can force the reader to face these fears. They in turn learn how to keep from being victims of a faceless authority that would keep them from being truly free or from being taken advantage of by those who may say they love them.

Despite the growing popularity of the internet, television, movies, and social media, books are still an important part of our lives. They teach us about worlds and societies in a way that no other media can convey. Some think that the written word is dead. It is far from dead.

The truth is that everyone loves a good story. Even those who claim they don’t read or find sitting down with a good book to be boring. Those same people hang on to tales told by family and friends. You will never find a person who says they don’t want to know what happened in someone’s day. While the degree of interest varies depending on the story and who’s telling it, everyone enjoys hearing a well thought out story.

Ever notice how many books have been made into movies? That is because the power of the book, the power of the story has sparked the imagination of a director or a producer. He sees the movie in his mind as he reads the story. This excites him and makes him strive to bring the story to life for all to see. Some of these movies have sparked innovation in order to bring the book to the big screen. The creativity required to create technology in order to make the story come alive is amazing.

People use social media to convey their own stories and often go back and look to see what has changed over the years for them, family, and friends. It’s a way of understanding their own stories. And those stories are all written down.

Books are powerful tools that can be used to change the way a person thinks or lives. A great example is one of the number top selling books in history, the Bible. Multitudes of people have changed their lives based on the words contained in the covers. Most have become a new person for the better just by following the examples within.

Do books contain a power that people don’t fully grasp? Yes, they are a way to learn, grow, interact, and feel emotions they are have never experienced. No other media causes people to think or learn in a way that reading a book can. Books spark the imagination and open the reader up to a whole new way of thinking.

There is an unexplainable power that comes with reading a book. Whether it’s to escape reality for just a little while or it’s to learn about history, a new skill, or just gain some much needed motivation, reading is the best way to do that. Nothing can compete with how the written word affects our lives and changes the way we think and live. Books are far from dead or going out of style. They are stronger than ever.