The Wheel Of Time Review

The Wheel Of Time ReviewBooks have always been a fascinating form of entertainment and it has been a favorite pastime of many since their inception to sit back with their favorite author on a quiet night or slow afternoon as they aim to while the time away. It should be noted that books have been one of the first entertainment (as well as educational) inventions that have been in place since the beginning of time and thus it popularity cannot be denied. Books have served as a means of passing the time and as such have been seen as a means of getting away from the world. There are different genres that one can choose from and its variety has always held an impressive version. One the various types of books that have come into existence over the past years have included volumes. Volumes can be described as a collection of books containing the same or similar story. The collection can be based on one particular set of characters that are taking part in one continuous story or can consist of different characters with one combining element that allows the story to flow smoothly from book to book.

One of the more popular books that fall under this category of volumes happens to be one known as The Wheel of Time and written by an author known as Robert Jordan. The Wheel of Time is a fictional tale that compromises of a number of spectacular creatures and worlds as well as the usual human characters that have taken place. The book is made up of 9 books that takes the reader through the story of a number of main characters who are all tied to the lead character known as Rand Al Thor. The Wheel of Time is a wonderful book to enjoy after making your favorite meal in a nice food smoker before settling down for the afternoon or the night. Each book is extensively written and takes the time to divulge all needed information that a reader may want.

The first book introduces the main characters of the story and serves as the commencement of the adventure of these characters. Though Rand al Thor as mentioned earlier is the main character of this story, it should be noted that the other characters do more than just play a supporting role in the story. The characters each have their own mini-tales within the series and this serves to make the overall tale even more interesting. The story begins in a small village known as the Two Rivers which is where the main heroes of the book come from. It should be noted that the world in which these characters live in is a fictional one and hardly bares a resemblance to that of the real world. There are monsters and other magical creatures which enhances the interest of the reader at the turn of every page.

The book delves into this fictional world and the trials and tribulations that are undertaken by the characters in a bid to save it from an oncoming evil that is described as one of the worst dangers that the world has ever faced. This is a wonderful book to sit down with on a slow afternoon after preparations on a BBQ smoker like those at this page have been made and one is planning on spending a quiet but enjoyable time in the house.