Top Archery Books For Archery Enthusiasts

Top Archery Books For Archery EnthusiastsArchery has increased in popularity thanks to games such as the Hunger games. When compared to other Olympic events in 2012, archery clocked the highest popularity rating. Archery is an ancient sport that has seen resurgence in the past few years, which may be attributed to the popular games and movies that feature archery. To toast to this new trend here are some of the best books on archery which keep you glued to the pages and increase your interest about the sport further.

Archery by USA Archery

Members of United States Archery have written this book and published it. It is a very interesting narration, which every archery enthusiast should read without fail. The book features archery information from some of the best coaches in the world. Those involved in archery or just starting out on the sport would get ample information on the stance, body alignment, accuracy, and tips on how to get better at the sport. The book also covers equipment, tuning, competing in archery tournaments, improving shots, recurve shooting, and compound shooting.

Archery Fundamentals

Douglas Engh is the book’s author and Human Kinetics has published it. This is another wonderful book on the basics of archery. You will have thorough information on the proper grip, bow stringing, maintenance of equipment, and a detailed breakdown of arrows and bows. The book also has details on accessories and the way to use them. To excel in archery, you need to have high quality recurve bows such as those available at this site.

Beginners Guide to Traditional Archery

Brian J. Sorrells has written this book, which focuses on target practice and actual hunting using traditional bows. The tips given help in enhancing your shooting skills. The topics seen include choosing proper equipment, bow tuning, shooting form and accuracy exercises. The way to practice instinctive form of bow hunting is also detailed in this book.

Archery Anatomy

Ray Axford has authored this book. This is an advanced level book. It focuses mainly on Archery anatomy, which includes, study of the tendons, muscles, and joints needed to use the bow and arrow properly. The ways in which a perfect harmony is brought about is explained in detail here. This book while being of great use to expert shooters is also a source of interest to beginners too, who get to learn important tips. The chapters touch upon joints, muscles, movements of the arm, shoulders and back muscles. The size, gender, and body type is also explained here. Other important information you find in the book include relationship of head turn to eye, inherent bow stability and much more.

Shooting with Proper Back Tension

This book by Larry Wise concentrates on the right back posture to achieve a perfect shot. The book teaches the fundamental use of bones instead of muscles that most books focus on to shoot the arrow. Although some parts may be too scientific, the book is easy to grasp even for a beginner. Proper skeletal aligning, shooting psychology, form, specific muscle functions, perfect release and aim are some important topics in this book