Top books on beauty care

Top books on beauty careI had attended a party recently with a few of my friends. The host had recently started a beauty salon. He had been training for the business for quite some time and had just finished his nail technician course, as it was the latest craze in beauty business.

While we were talking about the trends in beauty and how technology had changed the beauty industry, our host said that there were moments when he would get stuck in a beauty rut and he would not know how to proceed from there on. I said to him that just like there are books about techniques and tips in various other fields there are books on beauty that help you gain knowledge and improve your technique.

Whether you are just starting out on your beauty business, or are a pro at it, you need the guidance to be updated, and learn about new things. Here are some of the best books on beauty that will help you get a handle on your job and do it better.

  1. Bobby Brown Makeup Manual

Bobby Brown is well known for her makeup line and is simply amazing with her beauty care. This book from her will help you find some very useful and handy hints, so you get the right grasp of beauty care.

  1. The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secret

We all look up to celebrities and try to emulate them and this is more so when it comes to beauty and fashion. For those who like to follow in the footsteps of their favorite celebs and catch up on the latest in makeup and beauty tips, this book is the right choice. It has all you want to know about your top favorite stars in Hollywood.

  1. Seventeen 500 Beauty Tips

This book is filled with a huge treasure trove of beauty tips and advice that you’ll find tremendously useful. This is not only for those who own beauty salons, but for individuals who want new methods and tips on makeup and other beauty care tips.

  1. The Makeup Artist Handbook Second Edition

This book is entirely about all the different makeup techniques present. You can become an expert overnight with the book to guide you on the intricacies involved in makeup

  1. Lauren Conrad Beauty

This book from Lauren Conrad, the reality TV celebrity, has some really good advice on beauty that you should not miss out on. She has certainly amassed quite a bit of knowledge from her stint at Laguna Beach.

  1. Cosmo’s Sexiest Beauty Secrets

This book is a refreshing change from the usual Cosmo tips that dwell mostly on flirty tips. You get to read some incredible tips on how to look beautiful and gorgeous!

  1. Making Faces

This book is full of artfully crafted watercolor sketches that number over 60. You get a complete and comprehensive guide on creating different looks.

  1. Makeover Beauty Bible: Expert Secrets for Stunning Transformations

This bible on beauty has some inspiring photos of before and after makeup that will have you awestruck!