Top DIY books to help you ace at DIY jobs

Even if it is a simple table or bookshelf, making something on your own is a highly satisfying experience that cannot match with something you bought from the store. DIYs make you value your creation more, even if it is not valued as much, when you decide to sell it.

Creating things on your own involves some amount of physical and mental exertion, which makes you put additional value on the creation. And people do love handmade things. While craving to do things on your own is natural, you need to have some kind of guidance to make sure your work turns out well.

This is where books come in handy. DIY books are numerous in number, but not all of them are good enough. We have picked out a few quality ones you are sure to find useful.

Reader’s Digest’s Complete DIY Manual

This is undisputedly the classic king of all DIY manuals. Many homeowners have benefitted from the manual. For those who think that they can manage on their own without professional help, this book provides great service and is doing it since 1973. The book has been updated continuously to ensure all information is relevant and suitable for the present.

The Family Handyman and Reader’s Digest made an updated DIY manual published in 2005. The book practices an easy approach to DIY making it easy to perform the tasks. Having the right tools also helps in speeding up your project. The reciprocating saw found at instance, is very useful for all kinds of DIY work at home or office. The book is a treasure trove of information in all kinds of jobs including woodworking, using power tools, masonry, plumbing, electricity and interiors.

Black & Decker Complete Photo Guide to Home Repair

This very effective book equals that of Reader’s Digest DIY manual. If you are looking to start your DIY journey or are already into it, this book is a definite addition to have. It provides answers to all the doubts and queries you have regarding repairs. It is actually difficult to find a subject that the book does not talk about.

And the best part of the book is of course the pictures. They are candid and practical making you attempt tasks, which you had earlier not given, thought to. Ensure you have a good tool set to undertake the more tough jobs. This awesome saw available at JasonSawReviews is the best tool for all types of cutting jobs on wood, metal etc.

Better Homes and Gardens – Big Book of Home How-To

This book is certainly a big improvement on the classic home improvement classics from Better Homes and Gardens. You can find around 200 undertakings all with systematic instructions, while the photos though not of the calibre of Black & Decker manage to be more of a practical nature.

The actual truth is all the above books provide the information you seek, but in different ways and as far as the ideal book is concerned, the book that makes you do your DIY task easily is of course the best one.