What Your Book Says About You

What Your Book Says About YouReading is one of the oldest hobbies in the world and despite the introduction of tons of technology over the years it has remained a dear pastime for people all over the world. The medium may have developed and semi-changed to a point over time, such as the use of tablets and smart phones instead of traditional hard copies to peruse through the pages of a favorite author, but the main activity, the absolving of literature remains the same.

Whereas in the past an individual may have had to pair of high quality shoes and go to the library in order to search a particular book, most popular publications are now available online and can be retrieved at the click of a button. What an individual reads can say a lot about them as a person if one takes the time to notice and different genres of literature can be seen to display different characteristics in an individual.

Though these identified characteristics are not set in stone for everyone who may take a liking to a particular genre, they are popular in a majority of people. Some of the genres that exist in the publication world and can be used to tell a little bit about an individual’s character include:


Most lovers of fiction are passionate by nature but in some cases may not always outwardly portray it in the public actions. An individual who enjoys fiction is one who is able to exist in a word where anything is possible and the author is responsible for creating the realms of possibilities that govern the length of the story.

With this in mind it can be said that fans of this particular genre would not be natural skeptics in real life as well and have a higher level of acceptance of different situations. The type of fiction can also serve to further describe an individual as well, for example a reader with a sense of adventure tingling within them would be a fan of action based fiction while a more passionate reader might prefer a good romance novel.


Readers of non-fiction material can be considered to be the counterparts of the earlier mentioned group of readers (that is, lovers of fiction). This type of readers would much rather remained based within reality and thus focus on stories that are derived from actual inspirations. In most cases, there is an ambitious streak of some sort in such a reader as a majority of time, their reading of a particular book holds a particular objective for the reader. These objectives are usually related to the bettering of oneself.

Self-Help Books

A reader of self-help books can be considered to be a proactive individual. One who is able to stand on their feet all day to get the job done, even without professional shoes like these. A common mistake that is made by many people is mistaking the purchase of a self-help book as a lack of confidence. This can actually be contrary to the reality as the use of a self-help book requires the reader’s belief in the fact that they are actually able to help themselves if provided with the knowhow which is quite a confident stance.